Writer's Desk Updates

2020 – What a World

So, I’ve not posted since last year and so much has happened in my personal life and in the world at large.

Becoming a middle school teacher and adjusting to being a first-year teacher ate into a lot of my mental energy to the point that writing was non-existent. Now that the school year is over, my plan starts today. I will be investing an hour and a half every day for the first seven days to get myself back into the groove of writing. My goal is to increase it by an extra hour each week all the way until the end of July.

I am working on the final book of Laylah’s story arc in the Werelove series and I want to finish it. Besides, the characters have been chatting me up for the last month and a half and I need to give them release.

With the chaos of the world (Covid-19, the current riots, and so many other things), I want to write and complete my journey of writing a series. I can do it. I have faith that I can. I want to make this dream a positive reality.