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2012 in Review [Jan 4, 2013]

Wow, another year blew by and I'm left wondering, where in the world did all my time go? Actually, I know where it went, but it really didn't feel like a year came and went.

I had so many things to be thankful for in 2012 - record sales for my novels, the publication of three novels, including the third one in my YA dark paranormal romance series, Werelove, and signing my first foreign-rights contract.

I learned to pace myself and that it was okay to take a break. All in all, 2012 was one of my better years. Here's to 2013 and what it has in store.

2012 Final Figures [Jan 14, 2013]

Compared to last year, compiling final ebook figures was time-consuming because of adding the Pubit platform and breaking down the figures from Smashwords. Also, the fact that there are now 10 ebook titles to track.

So here we go:

Totals by Title

Title Kindle Smashwords Pubit/Nook
Jewels 2500 19 n/a
Dream Miner 54 0 1
Moonbeams 64 12 n/a
The Tempo 20 2 3
Moon Feast (free short story) n/a 1436 n/a
Werelove Dusk Conspiracy 279 28 n/a
Werelove Midnight Revelations 196 23 n/a
Werelove Night Betrayals 36 1 1
Werelove Omnibus 4 n/a n/a
The Rising 27 3 3

Kindle (all titles) - 3,180

Smashwords (all titles) - 88

Pubit (4 titles) - 8

**Ebook Totals (all publishing platforms [excludes coupons/free books]) - 3,276 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fun facts:

Most ebooks sold (all stores) - Jewels [2,500]/Kindle

Best post-release date month sales: Werelove #3: Night Betrayals [30]/Kindle

Most ebooks sold in a month (Kindle US)

  • Jewels (335)

Most ebooks sold in a month (Kindle UK)

  • Jewels (46)

Most ebooks sold in a month (Kindle DE)

  • Jewels (4)

Most ebooks sold in a month (Kindle FR)

  • Jewels (1)

Highest selling ebook for the year (Kindle US)

  • Jewels

Highest selling ebook for the year (Kindle UK)

  • Jewels

Highest selling ebook for the year (Kindle DE)

  • Jewels

Highest selling ebook for the year (Kindle FR)

  • Jewels

Most ebooks sold in a month (Smashwords)

  • Tie: Werelove Dusk Conspiracy (5)

  • & Werelove Midnight Revelations (5)

Highest selling ebook for the year (Smashwords)

  • Werelove Dusk Conspiracy

*figures for freebies were excluded for the fun facts section

The Next Big Thing: Alien Encounters Saga [Jan 16, 2013]

1. What is the working title of your book? Jewels Emerald Rebellion

2. Where did the idea come from for the book? The idea for the first book, Jewels, was a space opera anthology novella call from Samhain Publishing. Needless to say I didn't get in the anthology but it was a great jumping board for writing the first novel.

3. What genre does your book fall under? Science Fiction with paranormal and romantic elements

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters? I'll let you know if I ever get a movie deal.

5. What is the one sentence synopsis of your book? Jewels and Dex are journeying to the Gatoan homeworld where danger, conspiracies and a long-buried secret await them.

6. Will your book be self published or represented by an agency? Indie. Was there ever any question? ;)

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? It's a work in-progress. However, being the sequel to Jewels, it's taken 3 years to get to this point.

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? haven't thought about it.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book? I wanted to write a story that was like Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate and Babylon 5 franchises. In other words, sweeping storylines and heavy on character.

10.What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? It's the sequel to my Kindle bestselling novel, Jewels.

I would like to thank and tag Flossie Benton-Rogers.

Next, I’m tagging R.M. Garcia. Be careful, Ladies, his books have BITE.

Character Blog: Girl Power...or Not [Feb 15, 2013]

Ugh! What a depressing day, Verity Sanchez thought as he hurried toward the cafe on Tenth and Sundry Streets in downtown Oriole Town. She hated cloudy, overcast skies almost as much as she did the criminals who ran rampant on the island of West California. It couldn't be helped this time. It was her turn to host Girls' Day out and she had chosen one of the few "safe" areas on the island. She only hoped there wouldn't be any trouble today. She really did want to relax.

She halted outside the corner shop and smiled. The Ehley Nook & Cranny Bakery was a favored spot by the locals who swore by its pastries, caffeine drinks and excellent services. She hoped the other girls would enjoy it. Verity reached out telepathically and brushed against her friends' minds. Each gave a brief acknowledgment of her presence before firming up their mental walls. Grinning, she strolled inside.

The familiar warmth and aromas of the shop assaulted her senses and Verity welcomed it all. Here she felt at peace. There was another reason why this shop was special. For those few lucky enough to find it, the Ehley Nook & Cranny was a dimensional and spatial gate. It was the only way she and her friends could visit each other, once a month.

"Verity, over here!" Jazmine chorused while hopping back and forth in excitement by the large circular table closest to the window.

Verity grinned at the young girl's exuberance and strolled over. "Morning, Everyone." She studied each of her companions as they gave their greetings.

"Good morn to you, fellow warrior," drawled the toned, vibrant redhead, who sat to her left stroking a rather wicked-looking sword.

"How are things going in the Veil, Princess Shayleah?"

"Same as always. Noisy, self-centered Outlanders and whiny elf Princes, seems to be the poison tea I'm forced to deal with for the last few months," Shayleah growled, her hand going still on the pommel of her sword. "Why these incompetent, irritating people keep flocking to me is a mystery that will never be sold. I wish I could find an anti-annoying repellent. I would make a fortune on that alone."

Verity and the others snickered. Shayleah was very bold and not shy about speaking her mind. She wasn't in to mind games and Verity liked that. Still grinning, she slid into her seat, snatched up a menu and quickly placed her order with the perky waitress who approached her. Turning her attention back to her table companions, she nodded in the direction of the four youngest girls at the table.

"So, Ladies, how goes your quests?"

First to chime in was Jazmine, who sat, twirling her finger idly around the space in front of her while a small tornado whirled above her fingertip. "Mine is rough. All I want to do is go home but things keep happening. I miss my family," she admitted, the tornado abruptly vanishing as the young girl's emotions welled up and she began to cry.

"It's alright, Jazzy," the medium-brown streaked with green, long-haired girl next to her crooned as she patted Jazmine's shoulder. "I think we're all a little homesick." She closed her fist and reopened it. Inside was a lilac which she handed to the still crying Jazmine.

"I know, Tamara, but I don't want to be running around the Second Continent saving the world! I want my nice warm bed and Mama's cooking."

"You think you're the only one who misses the family?" snapped the girl to Jazmine's left. She held up her fingers and a miniature fireball appeared. "If you don't stop whining, I'm going to burn you and then you can cry for real!"

"Do it! Do it!" the shortest girl of the quartet chanted. "On second thought, Marisa, don't. 'Cause if ya do, she'll only get louder."

"Alea, that's enough out of you," Tamara sternly rebuked her. "That goes for you as well, Marisa." She turned to an indignant Jazmine. "Not another word or tear. We came to have fun and you three are behaving poorly.

"Sorry, Tamara," Jazmine contritely replied before shooting a glare in a grinning Marisa's direction.

Alea glanced away, whistling innocently, her whole body language giving away her unrepentant stance.

Verity smothered a grin. Watching the four girls made her remember some of her happier times as a teenager.

"I swear, you Earthlings are very fascinating creatures."

The table fell silent as seven pairs of eyes swung to the exotic turquoise-eyed beauty at the end of the table. Everything about the young woman screamed power and barely leashed violent tendencies. Of her table companions, Verity was wary most of Iora.

"We're not "creatures," Iora, but people. More importantly, we're females which makes us extra special."

"You may object, Jewels, but at the indeed of the day, aren't we all creatures in some form...or another?"

The olive-skinned military officer shook her head. "I don't know about that, Iora. But isn't that a debate for another day? Besides, we have something to celebrate."

The atmosphere around the table changed. Even Verity was intrigued. What was Jewels referring to?

"I want to know!" chorused Jazmine.

"Yeah, me, too," Marisa chimed in.

Tamara and Alea said nothing but they leaned forward in their chairs to hear better. Shayleah simply snorted and went back to stroking her sword. Verity wasn't fooled, the half-elf was interested, too, only she was hiding it better. Iora frowned, then nodded.

"I, also, want to know, Jewels."

Jewels laughed and pointed to the only young woman at the table who hadn't spoken. Feeling everyone's gaze on her, she blushed a brilliant hot pink and ducked her head before tugging hard on her side braid.

"You don't have to be shy, Laylah. Tell us what's going on," Verity gently encouraged the bashful girl.

"Well, you see...," her voice trailed off.

Jewels snorted, reached over and pulled Laylah's left hand from underneath the table and turned it to face everyone. It took a moment before they all realized what they saw and then, with excited cries, with the exception of a smirking Shayleah, the remaining girls surged to their feet and hurled questions at Laylah.

Laylah's head snapped up, her mouth opened and closed and she dropped her head again, squirming in embarrassment.

Taking pity on her, Jewels growled, "Silence! Sit down and let her speak."

They sat and, with a gentle poke to Laylah's shoulder, Jewels did the same.

"Donil and I got married," Laylah whispered, tugging furiously at her braid.

A round of congratulations followed as well as many hugs before the nine women calmed down to enjoy their beverages and cakes. They chatted, joked and enjoyed this small reprieve in their very busy lives. This, after all, was their sanctuary amidst the storms of their lives. Eventually, they took their leave until only Jewels and Verity were left.

"You did good, Verity. This was one of the best ones yet."

"You think so, Jewels? I wonder. Sometimes we all have so much we're forced to bear. I worry for the young ones."

"Verity, you sound like an old lady," Jewels teased and stretched before standing. "Don't worry so much. You know what they say about women and felines, don't you?"

"No, what do they say?"

"That both always land on their feet." With a cheeky grin and salute, Jewels left, leaving Verity ruefully chuckling at her friend's wit and insight.

Character Blog: I'm too Sexy for this Story...or Not [Feb 17, 2013]

Of all the things that could happen in the universe to him, this was the last thing he expected. Nervously, Cory tugged at his shirt collar and wondered again, for the hundredth time, how he'd been roped into this madness. After all, he was only supporting cast, not the leading man.

“This really sucks,” he muttered, embarrassed because of the bizarre outfit he was being forced to wear.

“Can someone please remind me why I'm suffering through this indignity?”

Cory winced at the irritated growl coming from the unhappy Gatoan Prince, pacing in the far corner of the room. Personally, he would have loved to swap outfits with the alien. At least, Dex's clothes covered him. Cory glanced down at his scrap of an outfit and groaned. He was so going to get Megan back for this!

“Suck it up, Tough Guy. We're doing this for a good cause,” Jeremy ordered as he strolled into the room, his shirtless chest bared for all to see.

Even if he worked out every day for the rest of his life, he wouldn't look that good. He was sure that the good Colonel would definitely pull a huge following.

“I do not understand the human concept of “humor” well, but I do not wish to be butt of some joke,” Dex retorted, his tail lashing back and forth behind him.

A second man strolled into the room, his eyes twinkling with laughter. “Just remember your mate will reward you for your willingness to help out.”

Dex frowned. “That is easy for you to say Agent Arik Salem of Earth. My mate will likely utilize her claws on my hide if things do not go well. Lately she's being rather...moody.”

Cory grimaced and saw matching looks of sympathy from the other men in the room.

One of the older men stood, stretched and scratched his chin. “All females are “moody”, Dex. You just have to learn how to handle their moods.”

“Ha, ha! This from the man who couldn't even fess up to his niece about his true identity until forced to do so!”

“Can it, Kitty Cat, or I'll trim your claws.”

“You can try, Stefan, but you don't have the juice to do it.”

“All you babies think you're better. Donil, remember the reason why dogs live long lives is because they know all the tricks,” Stefan countered, his expression one of cunning and secrets.

The tension in the room rose and Cory wondered if there would be a fight. He really hoped not. Some of the people in the room were superhuman and he had no desire to be caught in between any rumble they might have.

“Hey, are they always like this?”

Cory turned to the young man next to him. “Not always, Shinjiro. Only when it's a contest like this one.”

Shinjiro shook his head. “This is stupid. I didn't want to be here but my commanding officers and Iora said it would “broaden my horizons.” I don't want to broaden anything.”

“Agreed. However, I don't think we get a choice. And,” Cory glanced at the other man's outfit which was even more revealing than his, “I'm afraid of the consequences if we try to run.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right.”

“Right about what?”

They both guiltily jerked their heads up to glance over at the older man who had remained silent the entire time. Cory could sense the same energy from him as the guys across the room. It made him wary.

“That something bad will happen if we bolt,” he blurted out and then blushed at being so outspoken.

“No need to worry. They got Master Rey Zuc to organize this event. It will be a hit and we'll all be loved for helping contribute to such an amazing cause.”

“Hey, Jacques, don't go babying the newbies!”

The man rolled his eyes and stood. “It's not babying, it's called “informing.” And if I recall, Donil, you were just like them when you had to attend your first auction.”

Donil blushed and then glared. He didn't speak again and Cory was relieved.

The door creaked open and all eyes swung to the doorway and the diminutive figure standing there.

“Good evening, Gentlemen. I am Master Rey Zuc, and I'm pleased to welcome you to the Support Brain Trauma Research Charitable event. This is a date auction where females will be bidding on a chance to have their dream date with you. The proceeds from your auctions will help us do further research into the inner workings of the brain and how best to help those who suffer brain trauma. Remember, your goal is to raise money so don't forget to strut your stuff.”

The gathered men murmured but subsided at Master Zuc's stern look.

“All right. Places everyone. The show is about to start.”

Cory gulped and rose, tugging uselessly at the scrap of cloth that was his outfit. He was so going to get Megan back for this. Mustering up his courage, he fell in line with the other men and headed to the conference hall. It was going to be a long night, but at least he could make it through, knowing he would be helping to save lives. Smiling, he took his place at the entrance to the runaway. It was time to work some magic.

Top Ten Favorite Moments [Feb 19, 2013]

List of my 10 ten favorite novel moments/scenes in my books published between (2010-2012)

Virginia-Tennessee Book Tour [Mar 20, 2013]

It's that time of year again for me to make my annual voyage north back to my home state of Virginia. I plan to have fun but also share my writing and books with many more this time around.

I'm honored and thrilled to be visiting three schools this year:

as well as these locations:

I'm excited to be debuting new workshops and I hope to spread the "creative joy" all around. Oh, and maybe get some writing done myself.

VA-TN Book Tour: Day #1 [Mar 26, 2013]

As today draws to a close, I am pleased to say that I survived the freezing cold and snow that decided to fall. The way it looks it might snow some more tomorrow. We shall see.

Today's tour stop, was Dobyns Bennett High School in Kingsport, Tennessee. I spoke to a total of six classes as we did my Symphony of Words workshop.

The students were creative to say the least. Over the next few days I will post some of the stories they came up with.

Tomorrow's tour stop, barring more snow and closed roads, will be the Flatwoods Job Corps Center.


Until Wednesday....

VA-TN Book Tour: Days 2 & 3 [Mar 29, 2013]

I missed posting my last two visits to the Flatwoods Job Corps (Wednesday 3/27) and Eastside High School (Thursday 3/28) and the Coeburn Community Library (Thursday 3/28) so I'm doing it now.

Many of the themes in my books involve second chances and the hope of those who receive them. Meeting the young men and women at the Flatwoods Job Corps reminded me of this fact. Talking with them about writing and careers in the writing industry was fun, informative and something I would love to do again in the future.

Next up was Eastside High School. It was early and I was tired and a lot of chaos had been going on. I was glad to be able to speak to some of the students and it was a pleasure meeting the sons and daughters of some of my high school classmates.

Returning to the library was like going home. Some things have changed but others have not. I got to talk books with other readers and it was a blast. Next stop is the Coeburn Middle School.

VA-TN Book Tour: Days 4 & 5 [Apr 3, 2013]

This one is really belated but I just wanted to say that my trip to the Coeburn Middle, return trip to the Flatwoods Job Corps and my last stop of the tour, Cavalier Comics, were all successful stops.

Thanks to the students and patrons who chatted with me and gave my novels a try. I really do look forward to hearing what you have to say.

There's not one thing I would change about my trip (except maybe the snow and cold) and I definitely look forward to visiting again.

Hiatus [Jun 3, 2013]

At the moment I'm on hiatus from writing and everything else as I complete my move from my old home to my new one. Please bear with me. I'll be back on writing bandwagon soon.

Cover Reveal - The Melody [Jul 22, 2013]

I'm happy to show off the cover for book #2, The Melody, in the Elemental Symphony Series.


Water * Fire * Air * Earth Four girls. Four Elements. One destiny.

Air: Keeper of life’s breath

After the shocking betrayal by fellow Air apprentice, Celena, Jazmine is shaken about the rightness of their cause.

She is sent south to train her abilities, master herself, and conquer her fears. Can she find her melody,

before the doubts of her heart become her undoing?

Visit the official website to learn more about this series.

Don't forget to check out book #1: The Tempo, available now in paperback and ebook formats.

the tempo

The Melody Book Trailer [Aug 22, 2013]

To celebrate the upcoming release of my ninth published novel I'm revealing the new book trailer and I'm hosting two Goodreads giveaways that begin on August 25 and end October 1.

Book Trailer

Kisha's Reading Corner: Wild Song [Aug 26, 2013]

I'm taking a short break from writing to do a little reading this week. Netgalley has become a nice place to find good books.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I did not receive any compensation from the author or the publisher for reviewing this novel. I received an ebook ARC of this novel via Netgalley.

About the Book

Anna's lived on the island all her life. She knows no one else, apart from her father, her father's assistant and two faithful servants. But one day, a strange boy is washed up on the shore. He's wild and free. And he has the power to change everything.
Amazon Barnes & Noble

Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 3 stars

Here's why:

This is the description given by the publisher, "This terrifically taut and short novel is targeted for reluctant/struggling readers or kids with dyslexia. The interest level is aged 13 and up, while it is at a 3rd grade reading level."

I have included the above quote so that what I say here makes sense. The novel was definitely short at 100 pages. The novel does read with its basic sentences and light plot as if written for a younger age group. That was one of the reasons why I had trouble with the characters' ages (around 16 & up). It felt strange reading that the main character was in love with two different people because of the writing style.

As for plot, it is really, really basic. I was left, at the end of the story feeling a little let down. I hope that a second book is written to finish out the story.

Would I recommend this book for its target audience? The answer is yes.

Character Roundtable [Sep 21, 2013]

“Hello everyone. I'm Ms. Inter View and I'd like to welcome you to my roundtable. Today's guests come to us courtesy of the realm known as The Veil, where fantasy creatures and magic are alive and kicking. Please give a hearty welcome to our first guest, Jazmine from the South Province.”

A timid young lady peeked around the corner of the entrance and after a second hesitation, came out on stage to a round of applause.

Ms. Inter View smiled warmly at the young woman and pointed to the chair to her left. “Please sit.”

The girl sat and plucked at her skirt. “Hello.”

“Jazmine, thank you for visiting us today. I promise that this interview is short and sweet.”


“I wanted to know what's it like living in a place where magic is used every day. I mean here, in this world, magic is rare.”

Jazmine shrugged and glanced nervously about. “I don't know. I don't really think about it.”

Ms. Inter View grinned. “I'd imagine not. I mean, if I understand correctly it's like breathing for you.”

“I suppose.”

“Now, what inquiring minds really want to know is about the feud between you and your fellow Air wielder, Celena. Is it really as bad as the tabloids say or are you two just fooling everyone?”

Jazmine stiffened in her seat and for the first time gave Ms. Inter View a glare. “I'm not discussing her. If you can't talk about something else, then I'm leaving.”

“Oh, touchy much. C'mon on, Jazmine. Just a hint.”

Jazmine surged to her feet and glared. “This conversation is over!” She stomped, her face red with anger.

“Oh, Jazmine, don't be that way!” Ms. Inter View turned and gave the audience a smile. “Well that was interesting. Stay tuned as we return after the commercial break for our next guest, Celena.”

Kisha's Reading Corner: The Silver Strand [Sep 25, 2013]

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review. I did not receive any compensation from the author or the publisher for reviewing this novel. I received an ebook copy of this book via .

About the Book

Ever since twelve year old Isabelle Tresdon’s silver strand of hair sprouted, it’s been nothing but trouble: bleeding pink dust and sparking like a firecracker. Refusing to be known as the girl with the freaky, grandma hair, she wishes it never grew and the hair withers and tarnishes.

The only problem is, the strand is Isabelle's source of magic, and she can transform particles of energy into matter. It's also her ticket into Mastermind Academy, a secret school inside the earth’s core. Five days remain before the strand drains her magic and life, forcing Isabelle to enter into a deal with two trickster Masterminds to save it. But what she doesn't count on is that there is more at stake than just her life.

Amazon Barnes & Noble

Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 3 stars

Here's why:

The target audience for this novel is 9-12 years old. I definitely feel that the main character, Isabelle, who is 12, behaves and acts like a child in that age range. (Trust me I have kids, so I know.)

I felt the flow of the story was a little rushed in places but no so much that a child would complain. I really think my favorite character is not the heroine of the story but her best friend.

There is plenty of humor and funny moments that liven up the book as well. Would I recommend it to others? Yes, I would.

Kisha's Reading Corner: Angel Burn [Oct 8, 2013]

When one of the local librarians recommended Angel Burn to me, I almost didn't take it at first. Angel fiction and I have a rough history. I either like it or I hate it. But because she was sure I'd like it, I checked it out.

I'm thankful that I did. Now...onto the review.

My Review

Rating: 4 stars*

(*See my REVIEW POLICY page for explanation of ratings)
I was hooked pretty much from the moment I read the first chapter. None of the characters felt stilted or two-dimensional in any way.

The romance aspect (which, no matter what YA paranormal novel you read) felt a little rushed. However, I won't quibble about it because it didn't feel forced or thrown in for good measure. It went with the flow of the story and I was rooting for the two main characters, Willow and Alex, to succeed.

The author's take on angels and where they come from is very nontraditional and this appealed to me. I love writers that think outside the box. I finished this book in two days and felt the time spent reading was worth it. This is book 1 of 3 and I can't wait to read the rest.

Would I recommend this book? YES! It is worth the read. Would I read a sequel? *squee* Yes, yes, yes!!! Just ordered the second one from the library so that I can devour it like the first. At least, that's my hope.

Moved [Oct 9, 2013]

Because of issues with Wordpress again, I've had to switch blogging software and move everything to a new site. This is the new home of my blog so please update your links. I will be over the next month, archiving all my old blog posts (the non-giveaway, non-blog hops, and special events one) into one location for those who want to go back and read what I've done over the years.

I've put all 2013 posts (excluding special events/blog hops/giveaways) on the new site so everything is caught up on that front for the moment.

Joining Bloglovin' [Oct 16, 2013]

"Follow my blog with Bloglovin"

After seeing the button for this service pop up everywhere, I thought I should stop being a sloth and join up. Make sure to look for My Inner Muse with this address: http://kishazinnermuse.blogspot.com

Kisha's Reading Corner: Cities at Sea [Oct 25, 2013]

Disclaimer: I received a free copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

About the Book

A thousand years hence, all the major cities of the world are at sea, floating on huge rafts, using ocean currents to navigate. Sal, a young girl on the Sydney raft, training as a navigator, visits Shanghai which is the largest raft city of all, on holiday. She hopes to find the famous genetic scientist, Jezzy, who will modify her body to give her gills. She wants to be like a mermaid, free to live in the sea with the fish.

She does meet the old woman but when she leaves her laboratory is arrested as a deserter and mutineer. She is flown back to her home raft for trial. After a tribunal she is released after all to join Jezzy and like many others, is modifed as she desired.

There is a strong public reaction against Jezzy’s operations. In fear of being marooned to die on land, Jezzy and her young changelings break away their section of the Shanghai raft away drift off independently.

Sal finds a lover and gives birth, but a violent storm damages the raft severely and they struggle to avoid sinking. They can survive only by beaching themselves. Sal, the young navigator, plays an important role in achieving this.

The remnants of a land based tribe are encountered but more dangers must be faced from marauding gangs of pirates. The rafters make plans for rebuilding their city and returning to the sea."

Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 1 star

Here's why:

Although I am not a huge fan of dystopian fiction, the initial premise of the story about living on cities at sea because you can't live on land and the possibility of genetic manipulation to help you be able to live in the water appealed to me.

But, from the beginning, this story failed to grab me. It wasn't that the dialogue was the problem (the dialect is Australian). It was everything else.

The continuity of the story, the flatness of the characters and the attempt at world building were a big jumble and only added to my confusion as I tried to follow the story. I do not like to be frustrated as a reader and the story frustrated me to no end.

I don't normally fail to finish a book, but in this case I couldn't force myself to read any more.

Would I recommend it to others? Only to fans of the genre. For others I'd say read at your own risk.

Kisha's Reading Corner: Dragon Unmasked [Oct 30, 2013]

Disclaimer: I'm reviewing this book without any compensation from author or publisher.

About the Book

One by one practitioners of magic are dying in violence, as if fired from within. And the last words of a dead mage identify Grace Armatrading as the next victim.

Adam Zolton is the last person in the world Grace wants to trust. Once before, he brought her to a fever pitch of need, then sacrificed her to pursue his own agenda. Now she has no choice but to team up with the darkly dangerous enigma.

Drawn into a twisting maze of fiery danger and desire, Grace fights off a deadly computer virus, violent thugs and her own uncontrollable blackouts. But with Adam to balance her frightening paranormal gift, she will see the Dragon Unmasked.

Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 4 stars

Here's why:

Over the last three months I've managed to read several books and found many of them lacking. I'm not sure if it's because I'm looking for different things when I'm reading or if maybe I need to switch genres. Regardless of the reasons, being bored or frustrated with a novel was not an issue with Dragon Unmasked.

From the moment I started this one, I was hooked. Blame my inner geek for loving the techie angle but it really worked for me. Blended magic and science was a neat concept and one that kept me reading to see what the author would dream up next.

The characters, at least for me, were not flat and I was invested in their emotions and reactions to each other. I found the relationship between the male/female leads to be believable and not forced.

All in all, this book was a pleasure to read.

Would I recommend it to others? Yes, I would. Apparently this book is part of a series, which I just found out. I don't know if you really need to read them in order or not, but I was able to follow this one without reading the first book.

Kisha's Reading Corner: Mate Claimed [Nov 4, 2013]

Disclaimer: I'm reviewing this book without any compensation from author or publisher.

About the Book

Collared and controlled, Shifters are outcast from humanity, forced to live in Shiftertowns. But waiting within are passions that no Collar can contain…

As a wildcat Shifter and leader of his Shiftertown, Eric Warden knows his own kind. When he sees Iona Duncan, he realizes that although she appears human she is a half-Shifter wildcat living without a Collar—and that if she doesn’t acknowledge her true nature and her mating hunger, it may kill her….

Iona finds the mysterious and powerful Eric alluring, even though she has vowed never to reveal her Shifter side, lest her mother pay the price for hiding her all these years. But her mating hunger is rising, and with Eric so close, she may not be able to resist…and her desire may lead to the very doom they are fighting to deny…

Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 4 stars

Here's why:

I think my reading preferences are narrowing toward shifter novels because my own shifter characters have been yammering at me to start work on their novel.

Anyhow, I digress. I will do my best to keep this review spoiler free. Now, with that being said, let's chat, shall we?

It was the title that got me to pick this one up. I figured that if there was mates to be claimed it would be a very knock down, drag out fight for the male fighting for the female.

I won't tell you what happened in that regard, but, by the time I got to the end of this book, I was pleasantly surprised with the mix of shifters, Fae, magic and technology that I'm going to check out more in this shifters' series.

The romance and the heat index was off the chart, but I expected no less for shifters. I liked the main leads and their backstories which made them both completely relatable. Especially to someone who has to hide some of who they are to be able to fit in with everyone else.

Would I recommend this book to others? Yes. Now, time to go find the next book and read it.

Kisha's Reading Corner: Affliction [Nov 6, 2013]

Disclaimer: I'm reviewing this book without any compensation from author or publisher.

About the Book

Some zombies are raised. Others must be put down. Just ask Anita Blake.

Before now, she would have considered them merely off-putting, never dangerous. Before now, she had never heard of any of them causing human beings to perish in agony. But that’s all changed.

Micah’s estranged father lies dying, rotting away inside from some strange ailment that has his doctors whispering about “zombie disease.”

Anita makes her living off of zombies—but these aren’t the kind she knows so well. These creatures hunt in daylight, and are as fast and strong as vampires. If they bite you, you become just like them. And round and round it goes…

Where will it stop?

Even Anita Blake doesn’t know.

Here's what I'm giving it:

Rating: 4 stars

Here's why:

I want to start off with this review is my opinion and I'm allowed to have it. With that being said, I'll proceed with my review.

This is the book #22 in the Anita Blake series and, for me, one of the better ones to come along in the last dozen she has put out in this series. Like many hardcore fans I was despairing and hoping all at once that LKH would bring Anita back to being the Anita at the beginning of the series that I fell in love with as a character. Sassy, strong, intelligent and able to hold her own in a male-dominated field.

Then, somewhere along the way (for me it was after Narcissus in Chains) that the plot and the heroine began to fall apart. Like many other reviewers have pointed out the books devolved into well...smut. It felt like every other page was Anita getting her freak on and the man count kept rising to the point where I got confused.

I'm all for angst and exploration as a writer but, to me, some things were overkill, repetitive and unnecessary. With, Affliction, I felt that LKH regained a small spark of what attracted me to the series in the first place: plot and action.

I think I've become immune to the two-dimensional behaviors of many of her characters. I've also become immune to Anita's inner whiny brat who bewails the complexity of the relationships (bed partners) she's managed to accumulate over the last ten novels.

Though I am so not a fan of zombies, having them running around behaving like zombies was a nice breath of fresh air. Having Anita be ruthless Anita was also refreshing.

I disagree a little with other reviews about her becoming "too girly" (Is there such a thing?). As a tomboy myself, I've had to learn that it's okay to get dressed up and be "soft". I do agree, however, that her clothing choice and personal choices while getting into and during a fight are on the unrealistic side. If you're going to fight bad guys, I don't think you go out in a mini skirt to do it.

There were so many other little things that I choose to overlook while reading the book but the biggest thing that stood out for me was the toning down (and I mean way down) of the sex. I think I counted 5 or 6 scenes total (sorry if I'm wrong on the count) that I happily bypassed so that I could keep reading the story with its *gasp* plot.

The ending was a bit of a letdown but I did enjoy Edward's crowing over who was the baddest. That part did get a chuckle out of me.

Would I recommend it to others? I would, but with a disclaimer. If you don't like erotic/BDSM elements, alternative lifestyles or you're squeamish about gore and violence, this entire series might not be for you.

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