NaNo Update: Nov 1-3

Writing NaNo updates daily can get kinda hard so I’m condensing them into bursts of days (Sunday-Saturday). It also cuts down on the number of posts so that you don’t feel like you’re being spammed *smiles*.


Thursday, November 1st

2:07 pm – So, I’m starting my NaNo journey inside our local Chili’s. My waitress is very sweet and I’m always up for food from here. Let’s get this party started. I’ve got an hour to write and eat and then it’s off to go pick up kids from school and dance classes. Well, I didn’t get much writing done but I did get some more mapping out of the characters

8:00 to 11:30 pm – Did 2 writing sprints and then wrote for another 30 minutes. Managed almost 1400 words. I’m proud of myself for today’s efforts.


Friday, November 2nd

Accomplished nothing. Exhaustion took me out.


Saturday, November 3rd

Managed 1800 words in between another day of exhaustion and cleaning.