NaNo Update: Nov 25-30

November 25

No writing today either. Worked my first job in the morning and my second one in the evening. If I didn’t need money so badly I wouldn’t be running myself ragged,


November 26

I did a lot of sleeping. Four days of working retail during the Thanksgiving holiday/Black Friday is draining. Managed to get about 1,600 words in though before sleep reclaimed me.


November 27

Hot streak. Did 2,542 words before succumbing to sleep.


November 28

So exhausted. Only managed 654 words. This is bad, I’m wayyyyyyyyy behind pace.


November 29

I think I might be getting sick. I never do this much sleeping unless a cold is coming on. Only 493. Tomorrow will be a “do or die” day.


November 30

@12:30 pm – I have 20,132 words to write. That means I need to write 2400 words/an hour in 9 hours. Watch me work it!

@5:00 pm – I have 17,500 words left to write by 11:00 pm.

@11:05 pm – I did it! Yes, yes, yes!

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