General Writer's Desk Updates

Summer 2024 Writing Updates

Halos & Horns – This serial gets 2 chapters published weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays. If you would like to read it, you can visit HERE.

Werelove Books 1-3 are available on the Joyread app and their website. You can read them HERE.

My new shifter serial, His Precious One should be available by August. This story was written in response to a writing contest at Joyreads. Stay tuned for it HERE

Werelove 5 is on a brief hiatus. I hope to resume working on it in August. My original plan to have it written/edited/published by the end of the year is not happening. It looks like it will be early 2025 when that happens.

Writing on my unnamed dragon shifter story is still progressing. I’m at 5% of completion on it.

Writing on my unnamed fantasy romance story is still progressing. I’m at 3% completion of it.

I have started a general outline on 2 new series one that is middle grade/YA fantasy series and the other one a New Adult paranormal romance story.

I am also starting general outlines on the following series

Jewels Book 3

Las Armas Book 2

The Elemental Symphony Book 3

Beams & Light Book 2

That’s all the news for now. Catch you soon!