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2019: My Year in Review

Time has truly flown by and I’m sitting here pondering how quick 2019 really was. I thought now was a great time to reflect on my life’s journey as we get ready to enter a new year and a new decade (that alone is mind-boggling).

So here is my 2019 in review.

  1. Writer’s Retreat – I received the honor of being one of four writers/authors to be part of Winter Haven Library’s inaugural Writer’s Retreat program. Though I did not get to do as much writing as I would have liked this year (note the later listed life events below), the times I was able to go and write were very rewarding.
  2. Graduation day – In May, my oldest child graduated with honors from Harrison School of the Performing Arts. I have one other child still in school but this was a proud moment for me. My oldest also enrolled in college and has plans to become a medical examiner.
  3. Dance studio upgrade – You may or may not know but I’m also the owner of a dance studio and in June of this year, my fledgling studio grew when I acquired and merged with a long-standing studio whose owner/director was retiring. This event definitely changed my life in positive ways as well as allowed for the continued creativity in my dance life.
  4. Break my Bones – Yeah, though I’m a dancer, I sometimes have less than graceful moments which was proven when I fractured my left big toe in late July. I was in a protective shoe and on crutches all the way up until October.
  5. Career path opens – Way back in the day *lol* I graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. I never really did much in my actual field of study but when I moved to Florida back in 2004, I did try to get certified to teach. But, because I didn’t quite understand the process, I didn’t complete it. My life had many twists and turns after that. Fast forward to October 2018. I decided to give it another try. After all, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. And so I started the process again and this time the results were better. I attended a job fair late September and was offered a job on the spot to work at middle school in Winter Haven.After a phone chase, and fending off my own indecisiveness, as well as the persistent nature of the principal’s secretary, I joined the ranks of educators on October 21st teaching Language Arts to 7th graders.
  6. Shifters unite – This year, I again participated in NaNoWriMo. However, for the first time in several years, I didn’t hit the goal mark. I was still adjusting to teaching and, midway into the month, the characters for the novel I was working on went silent, bowing out to the Werelove crew who demanded that I give them writing time. I ended the month with around 11,000 words and the start to the final book in the Werelove series (at least Laylah’s story arc).
  7. Coming out of my shell – Though I’m fairly sociable, when it comes to putting myself out there for writing contests, I tend to shy away, preferring to just write for the joy of it and to share my stories with my readers. This year, at the urging of two really good friends (Dylan and Brenda) I took a risk and submitted Werelove Dusk Conspiracy to a book to film contest. Not sure where this may lead but I decided to give it a go.

That’s quite a lot for one year but man, it really doesn’t feel like a year went by. Now I turn my mind toward 2020 and here are my hopeful goals:

  • Complete Werelove #5, Las Armas #2, and Elemental Symphony #3.
  • Start work on a story based on a writing prompt that is outside my usual writing genres. And, if it is good enough, follow Dylan’s urging and seek to get it traditionally published.
  • Continue growing and improving as an educator.
  • Continue to expand my dance horizons and creativity.
  • Get a new house that I can call my own.
  • Start my online talk show back up and help prompt indies from all areas of the arts (music, writing, art, film, theater)

Sounds ambitious, right? Well, as they say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Here’s to 2020 and all my goals. I know, I’m going to “get’er done!”