NaNo Update: Nov 11-17

November 11

Although I’m extremely tired from working an 8-hour cashier shift today, I’m going to put my nose to the grindstone and get to writing. I’m already behind and I can’t afford to fall anymore off the pace.


November 12

Slow is the tortoise when it begins, but it can beat the hare and win the race. This is something I try to remember during NaNo, especially when I have trouble getting traction under me while writing my chosen novel for the month.

Life, in general, is proving a distraction and it annoys me. I have to buckle down during the second half of this month if I want to succeed.

November 13

Not sure why I’m so exhausted this week. I am writing bit by bit but I have to do more.


November 14

Yeah, my grand plan to smash it out of the park today fell way, way short. *sighs* I hate this unexpected lethargy that keeps draining me. I have to, must do, better than this starting tomorrow.


November 15

Well, backtrack to make sure I had the proper word count paid off. I found three scenes that had not been added to the master word count file. I feel relieved to know that I wasn’t as far behind as I thought.

In a much better mental place for the writing sprints this evening.


November 16

Wrote some but not nearly as much as I should. I’ve picked up a second job and so my energy is low. I can do this though. I’m just like the little engine who could.


November 17

Got sleep in my system, saw 2 movies today and now I’m feeling inspired. Let’s see what tonight’s sprints bring.

Today’s writing has been more productive. I managed 2,447 words! Only 27,762 to go until I reach NaNo glory (50,000 words by Nov. 30).

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